NEA Baptist Weight Loss Surgery


The LAP-BAND is a gastric restrictive operation with slow gastric emptying. The LAP-BAND is made of silicone elastomer band and placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a small stomach pouch, which can hold only a small amount of food. The lower, larger part of the stomach is below the band. The small outlet created by the band connects the two stomach parts. Food will pass through the outlet ("stoma" in medical terms) from the upper stomach pouch to the lower part more slowly, and you will feel full longer. 

The band is placed laparoscopically, or with minimally invasive surgery, under general anesthesia. A small tunnel is made behind the top of the stomach. Then the band is pulled around the stomach to form a ring. The band has a locking part which securely holds the band in a circle around the stomach. The band is held in position by the connective tissue around the tunnel and by stitches used to create a tunnel anterior to the stomach.